Hi! I'm Bali.

Currently a PhD student in the geological and environmental science department at the University of Pittsburgh.
I am a dedicated geoscientist with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the Earth. With a strong academic background and hands-on research experience, I thrive in exploring the complexities of our planet's geological processes. My journey in the world of geosciences has led me through transformative educational experiences and impactful research endeavors.

Research Interests

I have been deeply involved in researching various aspects of geological and environmental sciences. My research interests have encompassed:

Environmental Geochemistry


Machine Learning

Solid Transport Modeling


Engineering Geology

I am interested in understanding how the intrinsic properties of rocks enhances earth suface processes.

About Me

I am a dedicated and accomplished geoscientist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My academic journey has taken me through esteemed institutions like The University of Texas at El Paso, University of Pittsburgh, and Ohio University, providing me with a strong foundation in geological and earth sciences. My passion for exploration and discovery was nurtured during my time at the University of Benin, and it has only grown stronger over the years. My research endeavors have been diverse and impactful, ranging from conducting geochemical simulations to analyzing the effects of temperature and contamination in water bodies. My skill set includes proficiency in ArcGIS, Python, R, Matlab, and expertise in geology, making me not only a researcher but also an engaged member of the scientific community. I am committed to education, as reflected in my role as a Science Fair Judge and guest speaker, where I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation of scientists. My journey has been marked by achievements such as the Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship, National Association of Black Geoscienntists Scholarship, underscoring my dedication and contributions to the field. Through my unceasing pursuit of knowledge and exploration, I am leaving an indelible mark on the world of geosciences.


If you're as passionate about rocks, Earth's mysteries, and scientific adventures as I am, then let's connect! Whether you're itching to brainstorm groundbreaking research ideas, team up for some mind-boggling collaborations, or simply want to chat about all the awesome facets of geosciences, I'm all ears and more than excited to chat. Drop me a line anytime, and let's ignite some geoscience magic together! 🌍🔥